Martina Navratilova shared her overwhelming feelings when she discovered cancer

The former tennis legend talked about her feelings regarding the tumor that affected her, during the Podcast On with Kara Swisher

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Martina Navratilova shared her overwhelming feelings when she discovered cancer
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Martina Navratilova had to face one of the most formidable opponents of her life. And not on a tennis court. The former tennis legend told through her social channels that she managed to defeat breast and throat cancer for the second time, after she had been diagnosed at the end of 2022 and, previously, in 2020.

The 18-time Slam champion in an interview given to the Podcast On with Kara Swisher, confessed her state of mind when the tumor took possession of her for the second time: "The second time I was diagnosed, I said: I could die in a year or less.

The doctor who diagnosed me told me it could be in the lungs, kidneys or liver, which meant it could also be in the brain. Before I knew exactly where she was, I was terrified that she might be a death sentence. Once we find out she wasn't, the prognosis is very good, but it still puts things in perspective, no doubt.

When health is at a crossroads like this, everything else takes a back seat. First of all, you need to be healthy. I learned to stay away from people who didn't give me energy, who took it away from me. At the same time, I try to energize people, but it has to be a symbiotic situation, not a one-way street," she said.

But now, all the things went well for Martina

"The moment I was told, I went into total panic for three days, thinking maybe I wouldn't be there next Christmas. I came up with a list of things I wanted to do. And it may seem very superficial, but I thought about which car I wanted to drive in the last year of my life," she added. Instead, fortunately, she overcame her battle and also attended more events, such as the WTA awards Finals.

Martina Navratilova