The ATP CEO rips the Premium Tour: "A civil war doesn't help"

Andrea Gaudenzi talkedt about the rumors about a possible Tour parallel to the official ATP one

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The ATP CEO rips the Premium Tour: "A civil war doesn't help"
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The ATP CEO Andrea Gaudenzi wanted to deny the news that has been circulating for several days regarding the establishment of a Premier Tour separate from the ATP Tour. In an exclusive interview given to The National newspaper, Gaudenzi explained how an internal civil war is only bad for tennis.

"In my opinion, that possibility isn't there. I think there's a lot of noise about it in general. But I also think I've been extremely explicit over the last four years with OneVision: we have to find a way to work together. Because ultimately, whatever what was written in that article is definitely the concept of focusing on a premium product, which will mean that the Slams and Masters will be a very powerful proposition for consumers.

I agree with this 100%. But that's what we're trying to do with OneVision. Obviously, I don't know, different people probably have different ideas about how to get there. In the end we are aligned. We are all pushing for tennis to be stronger and grow compared to other sports and other entertainment options.

So we are on the same side, we are on the same team: this is team tennis. Having a civil war doesn't help," explained Gaudenzi.

What could be a Premier Tour

According to what was reported by the sports website The Athletic, the world of tennis could be approaching a significant revolution.

The idea would be to create a Premium Tour, distinct from that of the ATP, in which to bring together the most important events: the ATP Masters 1000 and the four Grand Slam tournaments. A revolution that would have a strong impact on the current system that regulates and characterizes the men's tennis Tour.

Also Craig Tiley, CEO of the Australian Tennis, expressed on the issue, explained: "Tennis has great opportunities to offer a premium product. The Premium Tour for the future of our sport is an idea that has been on the table for several years, and the fact of motivating our sport and showing an active predisposition to this, in a more open way, it's something that's still happening and it's exciting.

I think there is a lot of work to do. There are many interested parties who need to reach an agreement, but tennis has the great opportunity to offer a unique and much more coordinated product, a Premium product. We have been trying to achieve this goal for years, but the Grand Slams have achieved excellent results in the current framework and continue to do so.

These are the times of the year when players are most mobilised, this is where they earn most of their money, but also where they have the opportunity to profile themselves on a global level."

Andrea Gaudenzi