Novak Djokovic reveals why he helps less fortunate tennis players

The Serbian champion gave a wonderful answer to the fan who asked the question

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic reveals why he helps less fortunate tennis players
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During an interview granted to 60 Minutes, a CBS program, the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic reiterated his point of view regarding the mission of the PTPA. Jon Wertheim, the journalist who conducted the interview, specifically asked him: "Why are you helping the same people who want to take food off your table?" And Nole provided a truly splendid answer: "Because I have much more than I need.

Male and female tennis players outside the top 200 struggle a lot. They can't afford a coach, they can't travel and they are forced to miss several tournaments because of this. Many people leave tennis despite possessing great talent.

They simply can't cope financially," explained the 36-year-old. The father of Hamad Medjedovic, winner of the Next Gen ATP Finals, revealed that Djokovic helped his son financially by covering the expenses necessary for his upbringing.

It is not the first time that Djokovic has made such an important gesture towards one of his countrymen. "Novak is doing everything he can for Hamad. In every way... financially, mentally and socially. This kind of thing is rare in today's world, but thank God there are still people who don't just care about money, but also the human side of things," he explained.

And Djokovic co-founded the PTPA precisely to help tennis players

Djokovic created the PTPA together with Vasek Pospisil with the aim of giving greater importance to players in the most important decisions that govern the world of tennis.

The aim is to obtain a leading role to represent the rights of athletes in the Tour in the best possible way. The independent association of professional tennis players has enjoyed great success among players who do not populate the top-150.

It is precisely the latter who always have to deal with the numerous expenses that a sport like tennis entails. Djokovic will be one of the most awaited player, in th upcoming 2024 season, along his rival Rafael Nadal, who will come back on the court after a year.

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