Gael Monfils on the ankle injury: "I'll have to have a follow-up MRI"

The French tennis player assured that the physical problem will resolve itself in a few days

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Gael Monfils on the ankle injury: "I'll have to have a follow-up MRI"
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There seems to be some good news related to the sprained ankle suffered by Gael Monfils in the exhibition match against Jack Draper, at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. The Frenchman revealed that the injury does not appear to be that serious.

In fact, Monfils declared that the problem does not seem to be as serious as he had initially feared. "A few days of rest and everything will be fine," said the Frenchman in the mixed zone. The limping exit from the field of the thirty-seven histrionic player had worried his fans, but Monfils' words suggest that the forced stop away from the Tour should not be too long.

Gael added that with less than two weeks to go before the start of the 2024 tennis season there is no need to worry about his condition. "I will still have to do a follow-up MRI. It's always annoying when you get injured in a tournament and don't have the chance to be able to play again right away.

I have a first degree sprain, I'm taking anti-inflammatories. I put a lot of ice, I did acupuncture. I don't think it's too serious, a few days of rest and we'll be fine," explained the Frenchman. His situation will have to be monitored in the next few days given that he is a player who has had several injuries, some of them serious ones, in his career but who is he was also the protagonist of important comebacks, such as the one that led him to a surprise win at the ATP 250 in Stockholm a few weeks ago.

The injury in London

Monfils suffered an ankle injury that forced him to stop during an exhibition match against British tennis player Draper. The French player was playing in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown tournament and, during a rally from the baseline, he placed his right foot badly after executing a forehand and let himself fall. Monfils tried to continue the match but had to give up a few minutes later

Gael Monfils