Alexander Bublik rips his collegues: "We are not a big family"

The Kazakh tennis player analyzed the difficulties of having relationships with other tennis players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alexander Bublik rips his collegues: "We are not a big family"
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Alexander Bublik gave an interview to the newspaper, in which he talked first of all about his season and the desire to conquer tournaments and victories. But not only that: he also talked about the relationship he has with his collegues tennis players. "I always want to win, but in tennis you can never predict when you will be able to express your best level.

You can train very well, but on match day there is something on a personal level that confuses you and is impossible to achieve. The difference between the top 5 or the top 10 compared to the others is that they are capable of winning games without having a good day, but I have a lot of problems with that.

It's difficult for me to win matches if I don't have a good feeling, but this year I worked very hard and managed to put in great performances in several weeks. Curiously, those good weeks came after others where I played poorly, or even didn't compete at all," he told.

Bublik then explained what being a tennis player means to him. "It's a game, an important part of my life and a dream come true as a child. Maybe people think I didn't want this, but as a child I looked in the mirror and saw myself competing in big stadiums.

It gives me goosebumps. I realize that I did it. If my career ended today I absolutely wouldn't blame myself, I would leave with a smile because I have nothing to prove to anyone. Many people were scandalized years ago by the things I said, but now they understand me much better, also because I have evolved.

Only a fool is not capable of changing his mind and I understood a year and a half ago that I love tennis and that I am living a dream," he explained.

Bublik: "We are not a big family"

On his relationship with other tennis players, Bublik shared: "We are not a big family.

It is very difficult to be friends with someone you will have to face. I learned to lose with more dignity. I can insult myself, break my racket and do stupid things, but I always try not to disrespect my opponent. Then there are a lot of strange things around: now they call them mind games.

But the bad guys are the ones who break rackets, not the ones who stop the game to ask for a medical time out without having a real injury."

Alexander Bublik