Annacone believes Alcaraz and Djokovic will dominate the Slams in 2024

The former Roger Federer's coach analyzed how the Serbian and the Spanish will be the players to beat in the Majors

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Annacone believes Alcaraz and Djokovic will dominate the Slams in 2024
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2023 was a Novak Djokovic's dominant year. The Serbian champion has won all (or almost all) of the most important titles. Among the highlights of his season there are, obviously, the triumphs at the Australian Open, at the Roland Garros and at the US Open.

To them there is also the victory at the ATP Finals. The Serb also played and lost the Wimbledon final. Nole was beaten by Carlos Alcaraz after a battle that lasted five sets. And the young Carlitos was the only one to interrupt the total hegemony of the Serbian world no.1.

Roger Federer's former coach, Paul Annacone, believes that Djokovic and Alcaraz are better than all their other rivals and, precisely for this reason, he is convinced that the Serbian and the young Spaniard will dominate the Slams also in 2024.

He explained, during the Rock n Roll Tennis podcast: "I think Djokovic and Alcaraz are better than their other reveals. I'll be shocked if there's a dominant other player. I would lean towards them in the Majors, in three out of five sets .

After Alcaraz I think there's Medvedev. He's right there on the heels. He's close. After Medvedev, I think there's 10 players. A lot of those are young players that are still improving. So where will they get to and how will they present themselves in the Majors? That's why it's sports, right? We've yet to see that."

Meanwhile, Federer came back to talk about Djokovic and Nadal

Federer was interviewed in recent weeks (on the occasion of the Shanghai Rolex Masters - ed.) by the Chinese media CGTN Sport, focusing on the continuation of the careers of his two greatest rivals, Djokovic and Nadal.

"I was really happy and lucky to play against them. I hope Rafa can return to a great level next season and I hope Novak can continue as long as possible, having both of them still in contention and at the top of the circuit is only good for our sport," explained Federer.

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