Andrey Rublev admits his behavior in London was unacceptable

The Russian tennis player lashed out at the chair judge in the match against Holger Rune, showing a lot of nervousness, as often happens to him.

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey Rublev admits his behavior in London was unacceptable
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Andrey Rublev showed a lot of nervousness on the court, in the recent Ultimate Tennis Showdown match, in London. A nervousness that has characterized many of his performances in the past, even in official competitions. During the exhibition match against the Danish player Holger Rune, Rublev had a fit of anger directed at the match's chair umpire, who found the player a few centimeters from his face.

The chair judge - according to Rublev - was guilty of not having understood that the Russian had asked to be able to play a wild point, which is worth three normal points in the particular formula of this exhibition tournament.

Rublev, after becoming furious with the chair umpire, continued his outburst with the supervisor. However, a few days later, Rublev admitted that his outburst against Rune was unacceptable.

Rublev's cool-headed comment

Rublev vs Rune was the semi-final of the UTS event, and the Russian, in the second quarter, was 8-10 down and signaled to the chair judge that he wanted to use his bonus card, foreseen by the rules of the event, which would have earned him three points for the next point won and, in this way, go ahead 11-10.

The umpire had not understood his request before the point was disputed. Reflecting on the incident, Rublev said he was unhappy with his behavior and that he was simply caught up in the heat of the moment. "The moment was very emotional and maybe I should have reacted differently, but I was just disappointed.

When you run for every point, long rallies, a very intense match, your heart rate is very high and then this situation happens, you feel very disappointed and all your work was for nothing," he explained. The Russian tennis player will be one of the most awaited man for the upcoming 2024 tennis season. Many insiders hope to see improvements in his game and in his behavior, in order to reach new important goals.

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