Alex Corretja honors Carlitos Alcaraz: "He's special"

The former Spanish tennis player praised his young countryman

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alex Corretja honors Carlitos Alcaraz: "He's special"
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The former Spanish tennis player Alex Corretja explained that the playing conditions in Australia are perfect for the playing style of his young countryman Carlos Alcaraz. Corretja, in a long interview with Eurosport, praised the 2-time Slam champion, calling him a special tennis player. "I think the Australian Open is the perfect tournament for him.

Because of the conditions, because of the way the ball bounces, because it can be hot, because there is a night session similar to the one in New York. If he arrives well at the appointment, he can play a great tournament. He will be excited after not playing last year.

I think this year the Roland Garros will be a huge goal for him. After what happened last year, he will manage the tournament differently and will be less anxious about winning. I've been saying it for a long time: I think Alcaraz will win all the Slams on all surfaces, even the ATP Finals.

Alcaraz is destined to be a special one."

Meanwhile, Alcaraz is ready for the upcoming season

Alcaraz was unable to play the 2023 edition of the Australian Open due to a physical injury and, for this reason, he will be determined to achieve a great milestone for the upcoming edition of the Happy Slam.

Just after becoming the youngest No.1 in history - thanks to the success achieved at the US Open against Casper Ruud - the Spaniard suffered two muscle injuries. The first at the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris Bercy, the second during the off-season, just on the eve of the 2023 Australian Open.

In the last tournament of the season, however, Carlitos was clearly defeated in the semi-final of the ATP Finals by Novak Djokovic. A defeat that could motivate him further due to the way in which it happened. The Serbian champion in fact imposed his pace on the rallies from the first game and overcame the only moment of difficulty with great mental strength.

Carlitos, in the meantime, will play an exhibition match against Novak Djokovic, scheduled on 27 December 2023 in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, event part of the Riyadh Season.

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