Paul Annacone shares Roger Federer's immense love for tennis

The former coach of the legendary Swiss revealed some interesting insights about the career of the 20-time Slam champion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Paul Annacone shares Roger Federer's immense love for tennis
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Paul Annacone coached Roger Federer for four years, sharing his immense knowledge with the Swiss Maestro, shaping the career of the legendary 8-time Wimbledon champion. Annacone, considered one of the most important coaches in the tennis world, told some unpublished details of the relationship with Federer, during an interview with the Rock n Roll Tennis podcast.

Roger is one of the greatest legends the sport has ever seen. The Swiss, 20 times Slam champion, wrote indelible pages in the history of tennis, making millions of fans fall in love thanks to his immense class and elegance.

Annacone: "I've never seen anyone who loved tennis like Federer"

The American tennis coach, during the podcast, said he has never seen nobody who loved tennis like Roger. "The whole time I was with him he was happy to go to training, every day.

I never had to fight or try to convince him to go to training, he was always willing and happy to spend long hours working. I clearly remember watching his physical training sessions with Pierre Paganini and asking him if he really, at his age, wanted to continue doing those things.

He laughed and redoubled his effort. He did very intense exercises with the medicine balls while speaking in French with Luthi and in English with Pierre, making jokes between languages, it was incredible," said Annacone. Then he explained how the passion for the sport that he practiced was crucial in making him get to where he is: "When we trained, he loved to train like a young man eager to test himself.

The youthful exuberance of the new arrivals was absorbed by him and made his own, it was his particular drive to remain young internally. Honestly, I've never seen anyone who loved tennis as much as Federer."

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