Stan Wawrinka shares what he really thinks of Next Gen

The Swiss tennis player believes that tennis is in good hands with today's kids

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Stan Wawrinka shares what he really thinks of Next Gen
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In an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka revealed how he still wants to compete, to test himself against the new generation of champions. Stan, winner of three Majors, will try to put his experience and talent on his side, to be able to counter the new players who are advancing.

"I'm happy to be able to play against the younger players. They are incredible tennis players. Carlos Alcaraz is a spectacular athlete and it is truly special to watch him play. As I've said several times, I'm a big fan of tennis in general, I really enjoy watching any good player.

This generation is interesting and makes me think that the future of tennis is in good hands. Retirement? I don't know, we'll see. As long as I have fun, like I do now, I will continue to play. I feel like I'm still competitive."

Stan did the impossible in the Big 3 era

Wawrinka ended 2023 in 49th position in the world rankings in a season that still saw him deal with several physical problems.

"Being part of this generation, with the Big 3 or Big 4 including Andy Murray, definitely pushed me to improve. I had no choice. I needed to push myself beyond my limits. They are the three players who hold all the records of the history of tennis.

So obviously it was very difficult. But for me it was always fantastic to have the opportunity to play against them, try to beat them and admire them." Winning 3 Grand Slam tournaments in the era dominated by Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal is an extraordinary achievement.

One of those that makes you different from others and places you in a dimension that only belongs to great champions. Wawrinka did it and won the Australian Open in 2014 beating Nadal in the final, the Roland Garros in 2015 and the US Open in 2016, beating Djokovic in both cases.

We recall the Swiss will not play any ATP 250 tournament before the Australian Open 2024, tryong to get Melbounre in the best posisble way.

Stan Wawrinka