Ben Shelton takes inspiration from Roger Federer's classy fashion style

The young American stated how the Swiss can do anything: at the Met gala as well as at Wimbledon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ben Shelton takes inspiration from Roger Federer's classy fashion style
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Ben Shelton is the new face of North American tennis. In 2023 the young US tennis player broke into the ATP Tour from college, demonstrating remarkable talent and an attitude that had not been seen in an American tennis player for years.

But not just court, also style and fashion. The young 21-year-old has a source of inspiration that goes beyond tennis, and also touches on class, style and fashion. And who can it be, if not Roger Federer! Shelton believes that the Swiss Maestro exudes glamor and style on all occasions, both on and off the court.

Speaking to ON, Shelton said: "A lot of the brands worn by other players don't do much outside of traditional clothing, so my friends on tour are definitely jealous of the gradient kit I wear. They all want to touch it. There's this great tradition and a rich history in tennis.

I draw inspiration for style from different people, from other athletes and from Instagram. Roger is one of those guys who can do it all. He can do it on the court, he can do it off the court, he can do it at the Met Gala, he can do it at Wimbledon." And how can you blame Shelton!

We've known it for a year, I've been repeating it for as long as I can remember: Federer embodies class and elegance, you can see it on all the occasions in which he appears publicly, like a gentleman tennis player from another era.

But not just fashion, Shelton also talks about his rivals

In an interview a few weeks ago with Gazzetta dello Sport, Shelton also spoke about Old Gen and Next Gen tennis players. "I have been following Rafael Nadal for a long time and I have tried to steal some secrets from him, but my favorite has always been Roger Federer.

I admired Rafa and I think sometimes, when I find myself fighting on the pitch, I take on traits of him on the pitch. We are talking about a tennis player who never gives up, in every match, and did so in every tournament. My wish is to have a fighting spirit like his.

Novak Djokovic I believe that he will continue to win tournaments, in three years he will still be here among the best. My favorite American tennis player is definitely my father. Then if I have to go beyond the family circle I say Andy Roddick.

Jannik Sinner is only a year older than me and has achieved a lot. He is already in the Top 5 and I believe he will be there for many more years and he leads the entire Italian movement, a generation with several young talents," he explained.

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