Ben Shelton shares an honest opinion about Rafael Nadal's style

The American rising tennis star said how he will try to work to be unique

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ben Shelton shares an honest opinion about Rafael Nadal's style
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Ben Shelton has repeatedly underlined how there are some tennis players who inspired him and from whom he tried to take something. But at the same time, the rising star of US tennis explained how he is trying to be unique, focusing his work on enhancing his skills and strengths.

In an interview with, the 21-year-old analyzed these reasons "I took some things from Rafael Nadal because he is left-handed, but I try to work with my resources and be unique. I try to be unique with my playing style and do things that other players don't do.

I'm not a guy who superstitious rituals. My warm-ups vary. I eat different things. I like to listen to aggressive hip-hop to get me pumped up before going on the court, but it's all about hard work," explained the young North American player.

Even Rod Laver has no doubts about Shelton's talent

We at Tennis World USA have been saying it since the beginning of the year: Shelton is a tennis player to keep an eye on, because he will do great things for American tennis.

Can he win a Slam? I'm sure so: time and talent are on his side. The 20-year-old's season has been extremely positive, especially in the Grand Slam trials. First the quarter-finals at the Australian Open, then the semi-finals at the US Open, beaten only by future champion Novak Djokovic.

In this, his first year on the ATP Tour, Shelton has received various acclaim from former tennis players, players and insiders, who see him as a potential Slam-winner of the future. One of these is the former legend Rod Laver, who expressed himself towards her with important words, exposing himself to an important projection: "Shelton is the new player on the tour.

We will see him win a Slam, he has one of the greatest serves, he's a great lefty, he doesn't make many mistakes. He sees an opening and exploits it”.

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