Rublev teases Alcaraz: "What will happen when he'll face difficult situations?"

Andrey, interviewed by a YouTube Russian channel, responded to the insidious question posed by the site's media, which compared the attitude of the two tennis players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rublev teases Alcaraz: "What will happen when he'll face difficult situations?"
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Andrey Rublev is working hard to improve his psychological attitude on the court, in order to avoid dramatic scenes and moments of anger. I personally believe a player like Rublev is a good thing for tennis. To see a player who shared his feelings - good or bad - on the court is a sign of humanity.

We are all human being, after all. But about this issue, Rublev, interviewed by a Russian YouTube channel, responded to a media question that pitted him against Carlos Alcaraz. In fact, they asked the Russian what he thought of the positive energy emanating from the Spaniard compared to his - which the YouTube media called - a depressing aura.

"Alcaraz is young. Off the pitch everything is planned and done for him. It would be interesting to see what happens when he faces some difficult situations in his life, how he handles them, because it takes time and experience to resolve them, to understand them.

For example, if do you have problems with your agent? When you stop working together, the contracts, who gets what, they will try to squeeze everything out of you. Those moments influence you, you start to think not only about tennis.

Everything is planned for him off the court, because he is a incredibly good player. He made it big, he was number 1, he won Slams. He has already achieved what players dream of. Now he needs to achieve more, win more Slams," has analyzed the Russian player.

Meanwhile, Alcaraz will travel to Australia without Ferrero

In view of the first Slam of the season, the Spaniard will not be able to count on the presence of his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero, who will not be able to accompany him to Australia due to the arthroscopy surgery on his knee which he will have to undergo soon.

Ferrero will not have time to recover and join Alcaraz in Melbourne. Following the reigning Wimbledon champion will be Samuel López, an already well-known face of his team. The Spanish champion will not participate in official events before the Australian Open, but will be involved in several exhibition matches: the first will see him face Novak Djokovic at the Riyadh Season Cup on 27 December.