Henman sees Murray's horizon: "It could be his last year"

The former British player expressed on what expect his 3-time Slam champion on the next tennis season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Henman sees Murray's horizon: "It could be his last year"
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Tim Henman, former British tennis player and number 4 in the ATP rankings, gave an interview to Eurosport on the season that will begin soon, but especially focusing on the possibility of the retirement of the Scot Andy Murray.

The 3-time Slam champion had already announced his retirement a few years ago, after surgery on his hips. but subsequently he decided to give himself a second chance, returning to compete in the Tour. "I think it might be his last season.

I don't know. Andy is the only one who really knows, but he's still very motivated. I saw him training at the National Tennis Center in Roehampton."

Has Andy Murray reached the end of his career?

Henman then expressed about Andy's difficulty in achieving prestigious results during the Slams, highlighting how injuries have not helped the Scottish tennis player.

"He's out there putting in a lot of hours on the court, in the gym, and I just hope he can get some reward for all that time and effort. At the end of last year, it didn't look like he was having fun on the court. His attitude was not good.

At this stage of his career, you want him to be there not only to achieve good results, but also to have fun. He won't play professional tennis forever. I think for me the wish list for Andy Murray is for him to play well, for him to get some good wins and for him to have fun.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. I think he just personified his fighting spirit. He's just on the court with a hip metal, still with the hunger, the desire and the determination to find a way to win." Henman also analyzed the level that Murray will have during the Australian Open, which begins on January 14. "I think that he is moving better than then and I think he can also play better.

Maybe if the schedule was a little more lenient and the weather was a little warmer, he would be able to run well and that's why he's putting in all the work in the gym." There has been talk of his possible retirement for years, but 2024 could be Andy Murray's last season.

The former world number 1, after the hip operation he underwent in 2019, managed to build a worthy ranking on the ATP Tour, but without returning to the level he was used to.