"Carlos Alcaraz is young but he's a source of inspiration," reveals a rising star

The Brazilian Joao Fonseca said that, despite the Spaniard is only 20 year-old, he is already an inspiration for many younger players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Carlos Alcaraz is young but he's a source of inspiration," reveals a rising star
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Carlos Alcaraz is only 20 years old, but he is already a source of inspiration for a ranks of very young tennis players who are trying to overcome in professionalism. Joao Fonseca, a very young Brazilian tennis player of 17 year-old, showed off his amazing skills this year in the Junior tour, where he reached the 1st position of the ranking and he won the US Open.

In an interview with Marca, the very young Brazilian spoke of many themes, such as sport and family. And he underlined how Carlitos Alcaraz is a source of inspiration. "My family loves sport. My father likes a little bit of everything, my mother played volleyball and my brother practiced surfing.

Up to 11 years I did a little bit of everything, but above all soccer and tennis. I had a In this case, playing football and I said it was a sport with too many risks for me. I started as a tennis player and I fell in love. I have been with the same coach since I was 12 years old.


Fonseca praises Alcaraz

Due to an injury immediately on the left wrist, Fonseca was unable to train with Carlos Alcaraz at the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy. The Brazilian should have prepared the Roland Garros just training with Alcaraz. "Last year I went to the Academy of Ferrero in Villena to prepare myself in view of The Roland Garros.

I got injured in the left wrist and we couldn't train together even if I met both he and Ferrero. It is an idol even if he is only 20 years old. He is almost my age and is already a source of inspiration for all the young people of our generation.

He has an incredible arsenal," explained the young Brazilian, "I will play only professional tournaments next year. The ATP has a program that assigns eight Wild Cards to the best junior. I enrolled to study at the University of Virginia, but it is not sure that I will go there.

It's something I have to decide before July. The first seven months I want to focus only on the circuit, without thinking about the university. When the moment arrives I will decide based on my ranking."

Carlos Alcaraz