A top coach supports Tara Moore after the scandalous doping issue

Darren Cahill took sides alongside the British player, first suspended for doping, then reinstated after having ascertained the truth

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A top coach supports Tara Moore after the scandalous doping issue
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As in the case of Simona Halep, the coach of Jannik Sinner, Darren Cahill, expressed his considerations on the case of the British tennis player Tara Moore, scandalously suspended for doping in 2022 and subsequently acquitted, as doping substances would have been found in a contaminated meal consumed before the doping test.

"This time sequence is so bad. Tara will take 18-24 months to recover her position in the ranking, if everything goes perfectly. Tennis is a unique sport in which we are swept away and we go back to zero after 12 months. The WTA should restore its ranking or at least provide temporary rankings," wrote the coach of the young Italian tennis player on X.

What happened

In April 2022 Tara Moore, together with another colleague, Barbara Gatica, was positive for the Boldenone anabolic steroid and Nandrolone, in Bogotá, following a test.

On May 27, they were officially suspended. A recent hearing of the Court, convened for 14 and 15 December 2023, established that the contaminated meat consumed by the athletes in the days preceding the collection of samples for doping test, was the source of the prohibited substances found in the tennis samples.

For this reason it has been ascertained that both have not had any fault or negligence for their violations. The British commented on the sentence, arguing: "19 months. 19 months lost time. 19 months in which my reputation, my position in the ranking, my sustenance are slowly fading.

19 months of emotional discomfort. 19 months later my team and I finally received the answer we knew from the beginning. It will take more than 19 months to reconstruct, repair and recover from what we have passed, but we will return stronger than ever.

Thank you all for the messages and support, I hope to see you on the tennis court in 2024! "

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