Coppini Tennis Academy celebrates a truly remarkable 2023 and lays the foundation for new projects.

The academy's mission has always been clear: to train the players of tomorrow

by Federico Coppini
Coppini Tennis Academy celebrates a truly remarkable 2023 and lays the foundation for new projects.
© Coppini Tennis Academy

The year 2023 was a pivotal one for the Coppini Tennis Academy, which celebrated its fifth anniversary since coach Federico Coppini's start in 2018 in Stellenbosch. This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on achievements to date and to project the academy into a future full of new ambitions.

The academy's mission has always been clear: to train the players of tomorrow. This goal is embodied in the daily work, both at the management and operational levels. "The year 2023 was an exceptional year," says Federico Coppini, founder and inspirer of the academy.

The focus is on young athletes born in 2009 and 2013, who are already ranked in the top ten categories of Tennis South Africa (TSA). The goal is to elevate their level through a well-defined path that includes not only technical development but also physical, mental and other essential aspects of training.
"My goal," explains Coppini Federico, "is to be able to give a strong boost to SouthAfrican but generally African tennis.

There are so many talents, so many players who could explode at the international level." The Coppini Tennis Academy's working model is particularly innovative: each athlete is not assigned to a single coach, but has access to an entire team of professionals.

This philosophy has attracted numerous young talents from around the world, eager to join the center. The year 2023 saw the rise of several outstanding players from the academy. Kris Van Wyk achieved his best ATP ranking (365), becoming the fourth best ITF player in terms of wins worldwide.
The project with Kris started last year at the end of August with the goal of getting into the ATP ranking...the result was to end the year around 800.

2023 saw him rise and reach his best ranking 365.

Kris Van Wyk© Coppini Tennis Academy

Philip Henning entered the academy in September 2023 with just 3 At points. He worked very hard to be prointi to play some 15 2 25k tournaments in Egypt and Tunisia before the end of the year.

The results were great and Philip ended the year reaching his best ATP ranking: 750.

Philip Henning© Coppini Tennis Academy

Dylan Salton and Yasmin Ezzat also stood out with their best ATP (998) and WTA (650) rankings, respectively.

In addition, new players such as India's Pratyush Mohanty joined in December 2023 and January 2024, aiming to further improve their ATP rankings. A significant addition to the academy in 2023 was new coach Roxanne Clarke, former Fed Cup captain for South Africa.

Her experience and expertise will undoubtedly strengthen the team. 2024 begins with an exciting project: running the tennis program at Bloemhof High School, one of the most prestigious schools in South Africa. The goal is to revive tennis at the school, raise the level of the various teams, and increase the number of participants.

Coppini Federico© Coppini Tennis Academy

Federico Coppini emphasizes a crucial aspect of the training process: "It is essential that tennis players learn to love the process and not focus exclusively on the result." Recognizing that frustration is part of the path to excellence is critical.

Often the management of this frustration determines success or failure in achieving set goals. Irrational expectations from a timing standpoint lead to excessive frustration due to perceived failure. But outstanding results are not achieved through a linear process.
The secret lies in always being there, doing one's duty with indomitable willpower.
Nothing should deflect one from one's goal.

Once a decision is made, one should never give up -- and to compromise.
I love to explain to my players that they have to love the path itself. This is really important because you spend most of your time on the journey to the finish line instead of enjoying the brief moments of triumph once you reach the finish line.
I love to explain that, success should always be celebrated, but it's more important to learn from every defeat.

In fact, if you don't regularly go against failure, it just means you're not trying hard enough. And we should never settle for anything other than the next commitment