Henman thinks Sinner 'filled' the gap with Alcaraz


Henman thinks Sinner 'filled' the gap with Alcaraz
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In an interview granted to Eurosport, the British former player and coach Tim Henman talked about one of the rivalries that will inflame the next few years: that between Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz. The Briton revealed his point of view regarding the rivalry between the two young tennis players, saying how Jannik has now closed the gap with Carlitos.

"Sinner and Alcaraz had incredible games with each other. They are different personalities. They have similar games. I think Alcaraz has a little more versatility, but in terms of ball impact and baseline power, Sinner is phenomenal.

I felt that Alcaraz was definitely a good step up from Sinner, but the way Jannik played at the end of last year, makes me think he's absolutely closed the gap," Henman explained. According to the former tennis player, the main favorite for the next Australian Open remains Novak Djokovic, but immediately after him there are the two young stars: "I know that Alcaraz has won a couple of Slams, but for me Sinner, in the last two months of 2023, he played at a different level, a new level for him.

And I think that quality, but also the confidence and belief of winning those big matches, beating so many top ten players consecutively, was fantastic. Next year there will only be four majors. It wouldn't surprise me if Djokovic won a couple and if Alcaraz and Sinner won the rest.

So only time will tell," he told.

Alcaraz and Sinner, the new great tennis rivalry

The one between Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz is a rivalry that has always inflamed the public and tennis fans. The two tennis players represent the present but above all the future of this sport.

In all their challenges the two young people guaranteed spectacle and great balance. The Spaniard, more precocious in his results, has already achieved two slams, as well as several Masters 1000s. The Italian is coming off an exciting end to the season which gives us hope for a 2024 as an absolute protagonist.