Djokovic shocks Nadal: "He made me angry in the locker room!"

The Serbian champion told an anecdote about living with Rafa in the same locker room

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic shocks Nadal: "He made me angry in the locker room!"
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Novak Djokovic closed his extraordinary 2023 with a defeat in the exhibition match in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) against Carlitos Alcaraz. Now, in a few days, Nole we will start to play again with the highly anticipated 2024 upcoming tennis season.

The Serb has already said that he will compete to write tennis history, focusing on the Slams. Meanwhile, few days ago, in an interview with 60 minutes on CBS, the Serbian champion told some anecdotes about his rival Rafael Nadal, telling how at the beginning of their career the Serbian could hardly tolerate the Spaniard's behavior in the locker room.

"I'm playing against Nadal at the Roland Garros and I have his locker next to mine, right? So we're so close. And we're trying to give each other space. But the locker room isn't that big. And you know the way you jump like does Nadal do before taking the court? In the locker room he does sprints next to you.

I can even hear the music he is listening to in his headphones. So it made me angry. At the beginning of my career, I didn't realize how much all this was part of the context. So I felt intimidated by that. But that also motivates me to do things on my own and show that I'm ready.

I'm ready for a battle, for a war."

Novak Djokovic is inspired by Tom Brady

In another interview given a few days ago to the French newspaper l'Equipe, Djokovic stated how he is inspired by NFL legend Tom Brady. "My goal is to be competitive at 40 and beyond.

Tom Brady is an example from this point of view, he spent a lot of time taking care of himself, both body and mind. This is the only way to have lasting success. 2023 has been one of the best seasons of my life. Why should I stop if I'm playing so well? So I'm going to keep going and take things year by year, to see how far I can push it."