Cahill shares Sinner's ambitions: "He is ready to win the Australian Open 2024"

The coach of the young Italian has outlined the goals for the upcoming tennis season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Cahill shares Sinner's ambitions: "He is ready to win the Australian Open 2024"
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In an interview granted to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Darren Cahill, the coach of Jannik Sinner coach together with Simone Vagnozzi, talked about the ambitions of the young Italian tennis player. The Australian coach revealed that the next step will be to win a Slam title, starting from the highly anticipated Australian Open 2024.

"Sinner can win a Major, already in Australia. Jannik's physique is a priority for the team. The base was already there thanks to the work with Piatti, he will put on more mass by proceeding in small steps. Ligaments, joints and bones must be protected.

Now he trusts his body much more, he has less pain, he knows himself better," he explained Cahill also talked about the Italian's goals for the season: "We've always had long-term goals, so nothing changes. We want to bring him to play the ATP Finals as a starter, as happened in 2023.

Possibly improving him. The nice thing is that there is no need to motivate him: after a defeat he is always the first to ask to go back on the court and work," told the Australian.

Sinner will play the Olympic tournament in Paris

Cahill then explained why they chose to make their debut in 2024 immediately at the Australian Open, without a preparatory event: "The Davis Cup made the difference: 5 more matches in Malaga.

We decided not to stress Jannik with a tournament before Melbourne to protect his mind and body. It is the strategy that, in the five years that I coached him, I used with Agassi." Finally, Cahill explained how the Paris Olympic tournament will be in Sinner's schedule in 2024: "He decided it and we decided it willingly indulged.

Representing your country every four years, at the Olympics, as part of a national team is a special experience. It will take away an important human adventure, of great growth, as happened in the Davis Cup."

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