Alexander Zverev shares his confidence: "I can win a Slam"

The German champion revealed that he has overcome the post-injury insecurity phase

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alexander Zverev shares his confidence: "I can win a Slam"
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Alexander Zverev came back to competition at the United Cup 2023, after the injury suffered during the Roland Garros 2022 semi-final against Rafael Nadal. The German tennis player underlined that the situation will be different this year, trusting in his tennis and in the possibility of being able to win a Slam.

"I think overall the situation is different this year. Last year I was returning after a very serious injury. I told myself I was healthy, but I wasn't. I think it was very clear once I got on the field, I was a long way from actually being 100% healthy.

That's why I think Angelique Kerber is a little different to me too because she was out for a long time but I was out for very different reasons, very bad, basically with a broken ankle. I'm number 7 in the world, I managed to beat important players and win some titles.

So I have completely overcome that phase of insecurity that always exists after a serious injury. I feel that I am once again a strong contender to win a Slam," he told.

Zverev wants to win a Slam

Zverev then talked about the new format of the competition and the German team's chances of winning.

"I understand why they made the changes. I think Germany is a very deep team when it comes to team competitions where we have a lot of great men's tennis players and a lot of great female tennis players. If we had wanted, we would have had two tennis players among the top 30 men.

Angie is number 1. Tatjana is number 2 on the women's team, which is a very deep team. The changes are made because there are nations and countries where the teams are not as deep. We'll see how it goes. I think last year was a very interesting event.

I hope this year will be the same," explained the German. Zverev also expressed on the Olympics that will be held this year and the defense of the gold won in Tokyo in 2021. "As the reigning champion, I think the Olympics are always very, very special.

In my opinion it is probably the most important event of the year, because the Olympics are held once every four years. It's special in that way. I can't wait to be at the Olympic Village again. I'm really looking forward to being in these little apartments where we're all together, enjoying the time. This is what I did in Tokyo. It worked very well."

Alexander Zverev