Sinner: "It's an honor to do this after Federer and Nadal"

The Italian tennis player confessed his feelings about being elected the most loved tennis player by fans

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sinner: "It's an honor to do this after Federer and Nadal"
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"For me it's obviously great news. The affection of the public matters a lot, I felt it in Turin and Malaga but also throughout the season around the world. Being able to convey my values such as fairplay, hard work and respect is very important and I am happy and satisfied with the fans' opinion.

Receiving this award after people like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is an immense honor," said Jannik Sinner in an exclusive interview given to the newspaper La Stampa, in relation to the victory of the Fans' Favorite Player at the ATP Awards.

The Italian was elected Fans' Favorite Player at the ATP Awards. This is the award for the player most loved by tennis fans who vote en masse every year on the official website of the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Jannik Sinner is the most clicked player on Google by Italians

Sinner is the first Italian to receive this recognition and succeeds Nadal and Federer in the roll of honor.

The Swiss won this award from 2003 to 2021, while the Spaniard had to wait for his rival to retire to obtain this recognition. The name of Sinner has revealed himself the most clicked by Italians on Google in 2023 and the affection of the fans is now there for all to see.

Even great personalities from the world of sport seem to particularly appreciate Sinner. Luciano Spalletti, current coach of the Italian national soccer team, said: "He showed this inner strength, this mental strength that only champions have.

And he is a great champion. Well done!" Words that moved Sinner. "Every now and then I'm surprised and I want to laugh. Being an example for young people is an important role, I am very pleased that Luciano thought of me. I am happy to see how much Italians appreciate the historic moment of tennis.

Our sport is followed a lot at the moment and we hope we can continue in this direction," said the number 4 in the ATP ranking.