Holger Rune's training with Rafael Nadal was the toughest in recent months

The Dane and the Spaniard are the most anticipated stars at the Brisbane International

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune's training with Rafael Nadal was the toughest in recent months
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Rafael Nadal will finally return to the court, a year after the serious injury suffered at the 2023 Australian Open. The Spaniard will play his first tournament of 2024 in Brisbane, in the seeding led by the young Dane Holger Rune.

And the Danish tennis player has chosen this event to prepare for the Australian Open in Melbourne starting on January 14th. Rune has added to his staff a certainly charismatic presence like that of Boris Becker for whom Rune has words of praise: "Yes, he has been great so far.

I mean, we worked a lot in the field with different things. He has a lot of tools because he's been there mentally too. He really knows how you feel. I think if you haven't been there in the situation, you don't really know what it feels like to be on the field with the pressure and everything else that goes with it." Rune also had the opportunity to have a training session with Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard is returning to Brisbane almost a year after his last official match in Melbourne.

Rune shares what was to train with Nadal

Rune, when asked by the press, underlined about Nadal that he had spoken and exchanged discussions with his team after training: "I thought that he played in an incredible way. We were hitting and he was hitting hard.

He hit harder and harder. Then we started the stitches and I thought he was moving very well, moving from side to side extremely quickly. I think the intensity he brings is incredible. I think it was the most challenging training I've done in the last six months."

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Rune will make his debut at the Brisbane tournament in the first round with the Australian Purcell: "I'm happy to start the new season.

I had a nice break and now I'm happy to start with the new team." The Brisbane international number 1 seed has had a 2023 of ups and downs. Basses that were concentrated in the second half of the season just ended. We didn't see the improvements that, for example, his rival Jannik Sinner showed.

Precisely to best face his rivals and to improve his tennis, Rune relied on the former legendary German tennis player Becker, who in past years also guided Novak Djokovic to historic goals.

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