Rick Macci analyzes the two skills which Novak Djokovic to rule the ATP Tour

Serena Williams' former coach expressed his opinion on the qualities of the Serbian champion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rick Macci analyzes the two skills which Novak Djokovic to rule the ATP Tour
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Rick Macci, former coach of Venus and Serena Williams, once again expressed his opinion on the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic. Macci considers the current ATP No.1 the greatest tennis player of all time. In one of his tennis analyses, Macci identified, via a post on X, two skills that have allowed Nole to be the tennis player he is today. "The two most important qualities of the greatest player ever Novak Djokovic, which have allowed him to get to this point, with few losses, have been his head and the small steps with his feet," wrote the famous American coach.

If there is some ranking in which to excel, then Novak Djokovic will certainly put it in his sights.

In a season, yet another extraordinary, in which the Serbian tennis player won the beauty of three Major titles, two ATP Master 1000 and the ATP Finals in the final dominated against Jannik Sinner, he placed several other important pieces to enter, even more more, in the history of tennis.

In his 2023, the 24-time Slam champion also regained the first position in the world ranking from Carlitos Alcaraz, and won the ITF World Champion for the eighth time in his career, earning the best tennis player of the year award.

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And Djokovic closed 2023 with a win, of course!

Meanwhile, Djokovic was the protagonist of a victory just in time to celebrate the New Year. 2023 could not have ended in a better way for the Serbian fans who flocked to Australia to witness their national team's debut at the 2024 United Cup.

After Novak Djokovic's victory in singles and Olga Danilovic's defeat in women's, the pair prevailed in the mixed doubles against China, winning the final point seven minutes before the stroke of the new year. At the press conference, the world number one commented on his team's success, also talking about his personal goals for 2024.

"It was a unique experience. What are the chances of finishing seven minutes before New Year's Eve? We won in a perfect scenario. The stadium was filled with Serbian flags. Everyone chose to celebrate the new year with us. We are grateful for it. A wonderful atmosphere," said Nole.

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