Tim Henman is worried about Andy Murray

The former British tennis player has reservations about his countryman

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tim Henman is worried about Andy Murray
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The former world number 4 and now consultant Tim Henman has said he would like to see his countryman Andy Murray much more relaxed in what could be one of the final seasons of his glorious career. Henman shared what worries him about the 3-time Slam winner, analyzing his attitude. "At the end of the season, he didn't seem to be enjoying himself on the court.

His attitude was not good. At this stage of his career, you don't just want him to get good results, but for him to have fun. He won't play tennis forever. What I want for Andy Murray is to play well, win and have fun. So, yes, I'll keep my fingers crossed," said the Briton.

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Murray is taking the last steps of his glorious career. The Scottish champion, after a long career and many physical problems, experienced several moments of confusion in the last season.

Despite the difficulties dictated above all by his age, the Glasgow tennis player ended the year in 42nd place in the world ranking, however receiving (unfairly in my opinion) criticism from some media and insiders, who perhaps expected more from him.

Meanwhile, Murray was defeated by Dimitrov in Brisbane

The three-time slam champion spoke to the Daily Mail about his ambitions for the new year. "I feel good enough to continue competing against the best in the world and I will do so until I get injured.

My body is now old and it is increasingly difficult to dedicate time to recovery and travel for weeks on end, but I deeply love this sport. I hope to stay fit enough to continue enjoying this sport. The fewer problems I have, the more pleasant it will be to continue racing," said the Scotsman.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, expectations were absolutely not disappointed when Murray and Grigor Dimitrov took to the field: the super challenge awaited by many fans occurred. and, after 2 hours and 27 minutes, the Bulgarian got the pass to the next round.

The British player, ahead by a set (6-4), was unable to close the game immediately, suffering the reaction of his opponent (7-5, 6-2).

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