Andy Murray shares a shocks revelation: "It could be my last season"

The Scottish champion has opened up about his retirement: 2024 could really be his last season in professional tennis

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andy Murray shares a shocks revelation: "It could be my last season"
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It wouldn't be the first time that Andy Murray predicts his retirement and then changes his mind. It has already happened in the past, but the feeling is that this time it could be true. 2024 could be his last season in professional tennis.

The 3-time Slam champion, after the serious hip injury resulting in surgeries at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, never returned to the levels to which he had accustomed his fans until the historic triumphs of 2016.

The serious hip injury, although overtaken, it partially limited the Scottish champion's movements.

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The first round of the Brisbane Interational was a burning defeat for Andy Murray.

Defeated by Grigor Dimitrov, after taking a one set lead, brought a lot of frustration to the British tennis player, who after the match let loose with some statements that shocked his fans and confirmed that 2024 could be his last tennis season. "If I found myself in the same situation as at the end of last season, I probably wouldn't continue.

But if physically I feel good, the results are good, I'm playing well and enjoying myself, I will be able to continue playing. We'll see how this year goes and how I feel physically," said the three-time slam champion.

Andy Murray to the retirement?

The former ATP No.1 has not closed the doors to a sensational retirement at the end of the season, should the sensations not be good: "If it goes well, I would like to continue, but if it doesn't, if the pleasure of playing and training will start to disappear, yes, this could be my last season on the Tour." A few days ago Tim Henman also spoke on the subject, revealing his doubts about the physical and mental fitness of the Scottish champion.

The former world number 4 and now consultant said he would like to see him much more relaxed in what could be one of the last seasons of his glorious career: "At the end of the season, he didn't seem to be enjoying himself on the court.

His attitude was not good. At this stage of his career, you don't just want him to get good results, but for him to have fun. He won't play tennis forever. What I want for Andy Murray is to play well, win and have fun. So, yeah, I'll keep my fingers crossed."

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