Brad Gilbert compares Coco Gauff to Andre Agassi

In an interview for Eurosport, Gilbert compared Gauff's victory to the US Open 2023 with that of his countryman Agassi at the Roland Garros 1999

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Brad Gilbert compares Coco Gauff to Andre Agassi
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Coco Gauff has fascinated US tennis fans in 2023, playing sensational performances on the North American hard-counts, culminating in the US Open victory. Coco won in Flushing Meadows, unleashing a general joyful hysteria and bringing the passion for tennis in her country.

Gauff has always said herself quite humble and wanted to remember this once again. People inserted Gauff among the 25 most intriguing women on the planet and she said she was rather surprised at this decision. There is no classification of these 25 women, but each one has done something to enter the field or off to enter this ranking.

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Through her Instagram account, Gauff published a story commenting on the situation: "It is nice to note that People consider me as a celebrity and rather intriguing, but I am not so.

I am a simple girl who works in crochet, looks at souls and plays Fortnite all day when I am not committed to training or at work. I appreciate this we thank and it's really nice to be inserted on this list, I appreciate it!


Gilbert compared Gauff to Agassi

In a recent interview for Eurosport, Brad Gilber compared Coco Gauff's victory to the US Open with the triumph of Andre Agassi at The Roland Garros 1999. Gilbert analyzed that Gauff, like Agassi, had to face many difficult challenges to get to win the title.

"Coco Gauff had to do the way out of four different games. While I look back, it reminds me of a tournament that was very special, The Roland Garros of 1999. Andre Agassi had to get agitated through five difficult games. Coco, Three times different was found down a down set, once down for a break in the third.

So, he had to solve the problems. And those are the best type of type wins, where you grow more, winning this type of games," analyzed Gilbert.

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