Rafael Nadal shares updates on his new injury: "I hope it's nothing serious"

The Spanish tennis player did not explain the extent of the injury in a press conference after the quarter-final defeat against Thompson

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal shares updates on his new injury: "I hope it's nothing serious"
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Rafael Nadal's path at the Brisbane International is still positive, despite the quarter-final epilogue against Jordan Thompson. The Spaniard fought for three hours against the Australian, wasting (incredible!) three match points and fighting with a groin problem and the humidity of Brisbane.

Thompson achieved a real achievement by perfectly executing the tactical plan established before taking the field. He played tennis that was as risky as it was effective and tried not to lose ground with shots beyond the baseline.

The Australian completed the comeback and eliminated Nadal with a score of 5-7, 7-6(6) 6-3. The Spaniard can still be satisfied with the level expressed upon his return after almost a year and with the two victories obtained against Dominic Thiem and Jason Kubler.

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Bur, right now there is concern around Nadal, who has suffered a new physical problem, as mentioned, in his groin. The Spanish champion presented himself at the press conference and the questions were, naturally, about the problem he had during the third set (which also forced him to ask for a medical timeout at 1-4) and the current conditions physical.

Rafael Nadal explaines his injury

"I have to see how I wake up tomorrow. In recent days, when I have spoken, I have always done so with caution because I know that after a year it is difficult for the body to be able to compete in top-level tournaments.

You never know how he will react. That's why I have to accept things as they come. I hope it's nothing serious and I can have the chance to train next week in Melbourne. The truth is, right now I'm not 100% sure about anything," he told.

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Fans hope that the injury is only related to the tiredness that the 37-year-old inevitably felt after the three hours spent on the court at a very intense pace of play.

The former ATP No.1 tried to explain the area in which he started to feel pain: "It's in an area similar to that of last year, but different. I feel it more on a muscular level. Last year it was the tendon and this one feels more like a tired muscle.

The only problem is that it's in a similar area and that makes you a little more worried than normal. The best thing that can happen is that the muscles are very full after the effort of these three days. It would be ideal, but today we cannot know.

If it was just tiredness, it would be a normal process. I didn't come here to win tournaments, I came to try to come back in the most positive way. I hope that the feeling in my leg will be better until Sunday. That would be great news.

If I don't feel well, I'll do some tests and we'll understand. Now it's time to stay calm and wait to see how I wake up," explained Rafa.

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