Andrey Rublev's coach reveals what the Russian needs to win a Slam

Fernando Vicente, the Russian's coach, talked about his player's mentality

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey Rublev's coach reveals what the Russian needs to win a Slam
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Andrey Rublev is a tennis player that I appreciate not only for his tennis, but also for the emotion that he brings to the court. Which I underline: he is not always bad, on the contrary, he shows how we really are. The Russian tennis player has been a stable presence in the top 10 for years but he has not yet managed to obtain important results in the Slams, penalized by his emotionality.

His coach, Fernando Vicente, recently gave an interview to Tennis Majors, in which he spoke about his player and his great attitude to work.

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"There is no need to motivate Andrey.

You have kids who say they want to be tennis players and don't make the effort you need to make. It never happened with Andrey. He works hard, there is not a single day you see in training: Andrey, what happened? You haven't pushed for two days, you don't feel like working.

Never," he explained. The Russian tennis player's coach also highlighted the match in which Rublev expressed his maximum level. "At Wimbledon against Novak Djokovic. He lost, but it was the line he followed during the match. I will also say against Novak at the Paris Masters, even though in Paris he was very tired because he went to sleep at three or four in the morning and then they played at four in the afternoon.

Vicente expalains Rublev's mentality

Another quarterfinal match in Monte Carlo with Rafa on clay was a great win. He beat Federer, he beat all the best players, but for me the highest level is when you can say this is a good match even if you lost," said Vicente.

Andrey has a particular record in the Majors, as he has reached the quarterfinals 9 times without ever reaching the semifinals. In this regard, Vicente underlined what his student lacks to take the next step by declaring: "The mentality.

Avoid the stress of wanting to win. Everyone wants to get to the quarter-finals or semi-finals, but if you don't really understand that you have to save energy and stress it means you are not thinking about the future. You have to believe in it and then be humble and understand that we are all doing the same job."

Andrey Rublev