Cameron Norrie builds the perfect player with surprising choices

The Briton had fun assembling the perfect player, using the shots of his colleagues

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Cameron Norrie builds the perfect player with surprising choices
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It's a trend that is making inroads with many players and the media: even Cameron Norrie had fun building his perfect tennis player. In an interview with, the Briton assembled the tennis player who best embodies all the characteristics that a top player must possess.

The former Indian Wells 2021 champion chose tennis players who have the best forehand, backhand, serve, return and several other qualities.

Novak Djokovic, 2023 Davis Cup© Clive Brunskill / Staff - Getty Images Sport

"For the forehand I go with Andrey Rublev.

On the return, in general, he's very accurate and probably the strongest hitter on the tour. For backhand I go with Andy Murray. He's got great hands, and a great slice too, so Andy," said Norrie. The British tennis player then explained who he chose for the service and why.

"Nick Kyrgios. I choose him, without needing explanations. From my point of view, his drop shot is always perfect. It is very difficult to read his serve, he has all types of serves, kick, slide, body. Under pressure , it's incredible," he explained.

Then we are at the return and, like many colleagues, his name was Novak Djokovic: "Nole fields a thousand returns with a lot of depth. The ball always returns to the other side of the court." For the slice and the net game the tennis player from Johannesburg mentions two unexpected names: "For the slice I choose Daniel Evans.

He has an incredible hand, he keeps the ball very low and he moves very well with the slice in defense, it's fantastic. For I choose Sebastian Korda for net play. Every time I've played against him, he always comes forward very well.

He has a very simple technique, very coordinated at the net. He has one of the best volleys in the world, without a doubt."

Norrie built his perfect player

"As for speed, I choose Daniil Medvedev. He doesn't look that fast, but he can reach everything.

He has very long arms and legs. He can hit almost all drop shots. I think he's one of the best at moving from one side of the court to the other. He is always present and always hits the ball deep. He's my favorite player, so I had to put him somewhere," said Norrie.

Rafael Nadal, Brisbane 2024© Chris Hyde / Stringer - Getty Images Sport

Cameron has no doubts about mental strength: "Rafael Nadal. Hats off to him, he is the greatest competitor. He is incredible, he plays every point as if it were his last.

As for competitiveness, I choose myself. I'm super competitive in everything, not just tennis. Cards, fantasy football, everything. I choose myself in this. In celebrations I still choose Medvedev, when he doesn't react and even when he jumps like a fish.

It was something very beautiful, very unique, something that no one else will do. I choose the passion of Carlos Alcaraz. He likes him, he really likes playing, he really likes being on the pitch. I love watching him play."

Cameron Norrie