Raonic reveals who has the best forehand of all time

The Canadian tennis player shared his choice of the most 'gifted' serving player ever, going against the trend shared by Kyrgios a few weeks ago

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Raonic reveals who has the best forehand of all time
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Milos Raonic, during the latest episode of Craig Shapiro's podcast, praised the former American legend Pete Sampras, trusting that he has in him his childhood idol, Raonic, who makes his service his best weapon together with his straight, he praised the serve of the 14-time Slam champion, going against the trend with the words released by Nick Kyrgios a few weeks ago to The Athletic.

"Sampras was my favorite player as a child. He was all about tennis. He set another standard of greatness, and that was all he cared about. People forget how fast he was. He moved as well as any player today, didn't he? He had the best forehand of all time," said Raonic.

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The counter-trend words of Nick Kyrgios

As we said above, a few weeks ago Kyrgios, in an interview with The Athletic, imagined a possible challenge between Novak Djokovic and Pete Sampras, expressing his clear point of view.

"I saw Boris Becker and I'm not saying they weren't extraordinary in their time, but to think that they would be as good as today's players is absurd. In those days, what was considered a great serve was traveling at around 197 or 200 km/h .

Today there are people like me, capable of serving at 220 km/h with precision and consistency. It's a completely different sport now. I'm not saying that these players wouldn't have found a way to adapt to modern tennis, but if you want to play serve & volley today you have to constantly serve at 220 km/h.

Otherwise, a tennis player like Djokovic would eat you alive. Lleyton Hewitt destroyed Sampras at the US Open, in a final. What would Djokovic do against Sampras? It would be a complete disaster. If Hewitt was able to do that, imagine Djokovic: he would destroy him," said Kyrgios.