Coco Gauff shares her real ambition: "I want to win at least 10 Slams"

The young North American tennis player does not want to set limits, as she herself explained in the press conference on the eve of the Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff shares her real ambition: "I want to win at least 10 Slams"
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Coco Gauff will play her first Major after winning her first Slam title in September, beating Aryna Sabalenka in the final at the US Open. But the ambitions of the young American tennis player are very high and are not limited to just being confirmed. The 20-year-old American started her 2024 with the title won at the ASB Classic, in Auckland.

In the presentation press conference at the Australian Open 2024, the WTA No.3 talked about her goals and her expectations for the first Slam of the year. The US Open champion took stock of her form ahead of her debut in Melbourne.

Cococ Gauff
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Coco Gauff shars her ambitions

"Overall in Auckland I played great tennis. In the final I had a chance to win the first set, but I lost it. I think it was a good mental test. I hope that doesn't happen here, I hope that every set point I I'll be able to win the set here. I think having played such a difficult match in the final made me more confident," she said.

Coco went on to say that she had forgotten her US Open win a week later. "When I went to China, I already put it out of my mind. Then, during the off-season, we celebrated a bit because after the US Open everything was so fast. Now that I'm about to face another Slam, It really feels like a long time ago.

The only thing I will try to remember from that Slam is the way I won. It wasn't my best tennis. It was more the mental fire. I think this confidence will carry me to the Australian Open this year and probably to other Slams throughout the rest of the season," said the young North American player.

Coco also shared her ambitions on the number of Slams she would like to win in her career. "I would like to reach double digits. It's nice. But there's no number. It could change depending on how my career goes. At the moment I would say double digits would be fantastic," explained Coco, who in She also set herself the goal of the Olympics in 2024: "Obviously I want to win in singles. I feel like I would appreciate it equally if it was singles or doubles. For me it's not the same as a Slam. It's a priority."

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