Gael Monfils explains why tennis isn't his life

The French tennis player revealed that he loves tennis, but that it is not his life

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Gael Monfils explains why tennis isn't his life
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Frenchman Gael Monfils is playing the third set of the first round of the Australian Open against German Yannick Hanfmann. In an interview granted to l' Equipe, La Monf spoke regretfully about his feelings, trying to analyze his physical and mental state.

"I'm quite well. I had a little physical problem last week in Auckland when I sprained my ankle, but I've recovered quite quickly. As I get older, it takes me longer to recover and there are many parts of my body that take a toll on me. a little worse. I'm trying to get back into the best shape possible.

As for tennis, I played a good match, but I still don't feel well. I don't have much confidence. In training it still seems a bit difficult and I'm looking for better sensations. To be honest, I don't hit the ball as well as I would like. At the Australian Open I will try to win that first round, that will be enough," said the Frenchman.

Monfils, between tennis and private life

Monfils was unbalanced about his seasonal objectives and the next Olympics to be held in France, underlining: "I have my objectives. The first is to try to qualify for the Olympic Games. In the short term, since I don't feel as I would like, I try to concentrate really match after match, to have a good feeling, to feel better to perform at my best, as soon as possible.

Lack of trust, that's what gets in the way from time to time. I train well, but I don't play as I would like. We work for this, and this is what tournaments are for. Winning a match, even if you play badly, helps, it gives you a little more confidence and in the end you don't feel so bad."

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The Frenchman concluded by focusing on his life as a father and husband and his relationship with the Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina. "I've wanted to quit tennis for years, since Covid, and I was in the top 10! I love this sport, but it's not my life and people forget that.

My life is being a father. Tennis gives me another kind of life. We often associate our lives with income, pleasure and a little work. What tennis gives me is incredible, I discover impressive things, but that's not all. I love many things about tennis, but there are many things that, as I get older, I don't want to do anymore. To be honest, what matters now is my daughter's education. I'm happy, it's nice that we travel together, but I also like it when my daughter is at home.

I'd rather spend more time with her. That's one of the things that makes me cherish this moment and chapter in my life, but when it closes, I won't even be unhappy. As long as I can play and enjoy these moments, I will try to do so. I don't have to set a deadline or a level below which I won't play anymore. As long as I can make these sacrifices, play at a decent level and have fun, I'll keep going," he explained.

Gael Monfils