Bred Gilbert praises Djokovic and revals Coco Gauff's secret behind her serve

The coach of the young American star analyzed Nole's 1st round match at the Australian Open and focused on the serve of his young player

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Bred Gilbert praises Djokovic and revals Coco Gauff's secret behind her serve
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Novak Djokovic talked about his condition at the end of the match with Dino Prizmic, 1st round of the Australian Open 2024. The Serbian champion struggled more than expected and took four hours to reach the second round of the Happy Slam, but on the other side of the net he found a determined opponent capable of putting him in difficulty.

The defending champion will have to be good at managing the two days he will have available before the next match in the best possible way.

"I will talk to my team to establish the program. We will see whether to skip training on the pitch. I could do some light work in the gym, jogging and exercises to maintain shape. Last year I didn't train between matches 'other, but I was injured. I think two days is quite useful after playing a first round that lasted four hours," Djokovic confessed in a press conference before focusing on the new policy adopted by the tournament organizers.

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Many spectators entered Rod Laver Arena without waiting for the changeover. "I didn't know anything about this new policy or rule. I understand that the goal is to improve the fan experience, we play for them. Frances Tiafoe, for example, is one of the tennis players in favor of allowing people to enter freely during matches as in other sports. It's difficult. I understand this and, to a certain extent, I support this idea, but throughout my career I have been accustomed to a certain atmosphere.

When it changes, it distracts you a little. Today we lost a lot of time when they let people in. My opponent was waiting for them to sit down. I don't know if it's really the best rule, but I understand that from the point of view of the tournament and the fans it's probably better, because they don't want to wait," he explained.

Brad Gilbert on Djokovic and Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff's new coach, Brad Gilbert, praised the Serbian champion for his victory in the first round of the Australian Open. Furthermore he also talked about the improvements to Coco Gauff's serve.

"Djoker finally getting to the legs of Dino, that was punishing last couple games. ND took it up notch, such a genius at managing himself in greatness of B05 matches," wrote Gilbert.

About Coco he revealed she was helped by Andy Roddick to improve her serve, on the eve of the Australian Open, as reported by "I coached Andy Roddick when he was young. He's has an amazing serve. I was thinking: what a great person to take a look at Coco's serve? When I coached Andy, I was his age now. Andy was like Coco's age. It was a great two days. Really helped things out, simplified Coco's motion."

Coco Gauff
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