Stefanos Tsitsipas reassures fans, revealing he overcame his injuries

After qualifying for the second round of the Australian Open, the Greek opened up about his current form

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Stefanos Tsitsipas reassures fans, revealing he overcame his injuries
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Stefanos Tsitsipas qualified for the second round of the Australian Open 2023, after beating the Belgian tennis player Zizou Bergs, a lucky loser who took the place of Matteo Berrettini who withdrew on the eve of the tournament. 5-7 6-1 6-1 6-3 was the score for the Greek who thus will face the Australian Jordan Thompson.

In the press conference, the Greek tennis player reassured his fans, explaining how his recovery was quick, underlining that he felt well.

"I'm happy with how I played especially in the second and third sets of the match. It was amazing to be at that level of tennis. I was very focused, especially after losing the first set. I knew this was the time to change things. I felt good physically and I think winning the match today was all down to that and constantly being mentally engaged during the match," he explained.

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Asked if anything is changing in the service movement, Tsitsipas answered: "I'm trying to put new aspects into my game by trying to keep my body more compact. Together with my staff we are working on this and also on other aspects."

Tsitsipas overcame his injuries

Tsitsipas had a very complicated final part of the season, in 2023, in which he also withdrew amid controversy from the ATP Finals in Turin due to severe back pain.

"My recovery, says Tsitsipas, was in a certain sense very particular. It is a more common injury than I initially thought. My recovery was surprising, in a certain sense, because it was fast. I did everything within my control to get back on the field as soon as possible. I tried to recover, I didn't spend much time on the pitch but now I'm healthy and feeling good."

On the future in the tournament: "I hope to return to the pitch even stronger and give other excellent performances. Here I have a large audience at my side who supports me. This gives me confidence, this gives me an additional type of confidence that generally isn't there in other tournaments. And I hope to repeat today's second and third set performance again."

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