The former Djokovic's coach rips Alcaraz and Sinner

Nikola Pilic gave an interview again in which he threw a (not too hidden) dig at the two young tennis players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The former Djokovic's coach rips Alcaraz and Sinner
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The old generation against the new: a clash on the court, of ideologies, opinions, philosophy, passions. Novak Djokovic's former coach, Nikola Pilic, gave a long interview to, talking about various topics. One of these concerns the two talents Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, who are not spared by his scathing words.

Regarding the young Carlitos, Pilic explained: "When he won in Madrid I said that he was the heir of the Big 3, but do you want to tell me that he will play another 12 years like today? He is strong and a good player. He likes him. But his body is wearing out: how many injuries has he had so far? However, he plays very well."

Carlos Alcaraz, Australian Open 2024
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Pilic, however, does not agree with the award received by Darren Cahill as best coach.

The former Yugoslavian tennis player belittles the work of Sinner's coach, who according to him cannot yet be considered a champion: "Jannik Sinner is a good player, but he hasn't won a Grand Slam. And now his coach, the Australian Darren Cahill, gets the coach trophy and not Goran? So how far can we go?" he declared, referring to the failure to receive an award from Ivanisevic, coach of Novak Djokovic, winner of 3 Slams out of four, in the last season.

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Pilic caused controversies also in the last months

In recent months he had made some statements about Jimmy Connors, which had caused controversy. The coach questioned the records belonging to the American legend.

"That record is not so important to me, it is not relevant. I know Connors and beat him once in Philadelphia, but he won 90% of his 250 titles in America. The level of tennis then and now is absolutely not comparable. Tennis is very different, times have changed, but what speaks clearly is that Novak is the best in all six categories that count, and this is what you see, the numbers say it all," he told.

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