Coco Gauff beats Alycia Park but shows her respect: "Next time we play in the final"

The young US Open winner qualified for the 4th round at the Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff beats Alycia Park but shows her respect: "Next time we play in the final"
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The young American Coco Gauff beat her countrywoman Alycia Parks 6-0, 6-2, earning a place in the Australian Open 2024 4th round, where she will face the Pole Magdalena Frech.

There is great curiosity regarding the young US tennis player, who is showing solid and convincing tennis. Gauff has now revealed just a few hours ago that she managed to win the US Open following her brother Code's advice!

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff© Darrian Traynor / Stringer Getty Images Sport

"He told me maybe a year ago. It's always stuck with me because I think at the French Open I felt like we were so close, and I got so At the US Open, it felt so far from the first point of the match, literally until the end match point. Codey said to me: Pretend you have to win three sets instead of two. If you put your mentality to the limit, then it seems easier, I guess, in a way.

He said: Okay, if you want to win the Grand Slam , say you have to win eight games instead of weeks. It's like changing your mentality, so you feel further away! I think tricking your mind relaxes the body because your mind controls your body. You have to trick your mind a little . Obviously you know what's real, but you have to fool him a little!" explain the first teenagers ever to win the Flushing Meadows Major.

Coco Gauff showed her respect for Alycia Park

Returning to talk about the match won against Park in the 3rd round of the Australian Open, the young American champion sent a beautiful message to her challenger, through an Instagram story, in which she wished Alycia Park that their next challenge would be in a final: "Next time we play in the final."

In the on court interview, Coco also talked about her father's mentality: "I think it's like a fine line of showing respect to your opponents, still putting them down, but believing you can do it. My father has the opposite mentality where he will disrespect people. I think I have the balance of knowing, yeah, she's great, she's good at what she does, but I can also beat her. I think that was something I talked to him about."

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