Sabalenka looks beyond the quarters: "I really want to stay here until the last day"

The Belarusian tennis player enjoyed the atmosphere at Melbourne Park, after the landslide victory against Amanda Anisimova

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sabalenka looks beyond the quarters: "I really want to stay here until the last day"
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Aryna Sabalenka literally tore the young American Amanda Anisimova to pieces, qualifying for the quarterfinals of the 2024 Australian Open. The Belarusian tennis player, defending champion, played a magnificent show of strength, dominating her opponent on serve and controlling the rallies well.

At the end of the match, Aryna revealed that she was delighted by the incredible atmosphere she felt at Melbourne Park, confiding that she hoped to stay until the last day of the tournament. WTA No.2, winner last year in the final against Elena Rybakina, praised her opponent Anisimova, who played an excellent tournament after the eight-month break she took in 2023.

"Amanda is a tough opponent and I'm super happy to see her on tour again. I'm pretty sure she'll be back on top very soon. I wish her all the best. I am happy to have achieved this victory," said Sabalenka.

Aryna Sabalenka
Aryna Sabalenka© Phil Walter / Staff Getty Images Sport

Regarding the atmosphere that persists at Melborune Park every year, the Belarusian tennis player explained that she was delighted, noting, as I said at the beginning of the article, the possibility of reaching the final.

"I love playing in front of you. That's why I'm getting stronger because I like the atmosphere so much and I really want to stay here as long as possible, until the last day and hopefully. Thank you very much for the atmosphere. We can do it one more time. Thanks so much guys," she told.

About her performance, Aryna analyzed: "I am super satisfied with the level of play that I managed to express. She's a really tough opponent and I'm so happy to see her back on the circuit. I thought I would feel differently after winning a Slam, but that's not the case. You still feel the same way. You always have to try to bring out your best tennis, and you have to fight for it. They are exactly the same sensations I felt a year ago."

The match

Sabalenka also had a very easy time, beating Anisimova 6-3 6-2. The match started outdoors then the roof was closed due to rain. The outcome of the match against the Belarusian, who finished in one hour and ten minutes, was never in question.

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