Marta Kostyuk's moving words: "In Kiev they watch me among the bombs"

The Ukrainian tennis player was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Coco Gauff at the Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Marta Kostyuk's moving words: "In Kiev they watch me among the bombs"
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Home is always home, especially in difficult times. So Marta Kostyuk told the stories of those who watched her performances from Ukraine in moving and beautiful words. Under the bombs, people still managed to follow their favorite, and Marta's story bears witness to the bond that she has with her homeland and that her homeland has with her. And the pride of the Ukrainian people in her is evident, despite her elimination in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open 2024 against Coco Gauff.

"Everything that happened here was expected but also unexpected, because I had very difficult matches. There were a lot of things I went through in the last ten days from not being able to sleep, from barely lifting my leg in the round of 16.

The team here It's been amazing. The physiotherapists and masseurs have given me my life back so much so that I'm competitive despite constant pain. I'm very happy to be on this journey and can't wait to see what else I can learn. There are obviously millions and billions of things I don't know, but I'm just excited about what I know," she explained.

Marta Kostyuk
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Marta Kostyuk's moving words

The Ukraininan the added: "Many of my compatriots have done quite well here. I hope that we will be able to be successful in most of the tournaments, especially in the big ones where there are a lot of media. Before the match I was watching the news announcing a new big missile launch. I leave the camp and ask for news, because I didn't know how many missiles had been launched.

I start texting with some people from Kiev. I asked How are you guys? They replied that they were fine and that they were looking at the score and a little bit about where the missiles were flying. I think if someone had told us, for example, a month after the start of the war that it would last two years, I think everyone would have said that we would never have lasted for two years Of course it's good that people don't just change their perspective but look at something different rather than missile bombing. So I really hope that Ukrainian sport will grow even under these circumstances. It's incredibly difficult, but everyone holds on.

I think that in 10, 15 years we will see how far behind we are, unfortunately, because the generation that is growing up now is the one that suffers the most. I hope to have a lot of time to help as many kids grow in sport but it's not easy. It will be my goal to help the future of my nation."

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