Jannik Sinner at seven heaven: "I will do my best to win the title, on Sunday"

The young Italian reached his first Slam final and, after beating Djokovic, he shared his feelings during the on-court interview

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner at seven heaven: "I will do my best to win the title, on Sunday"
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Novak Djokovic had never lost a semifinal in Melbourne: it happened today, for the first time. Jannik Sinner defeated the Serbian in four sets, prevailing with the final score of 6-1, 6-2, (6) 6-7, 6-3 in three hours and 22 minutes of play.

The young Italian interrupted the Serbian's winning streak in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. No one has ever managed to beat Djokovic at this point in the tournament, but Sinner has now reached that dimension that only belongs to great champions.

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At the on-court interview, the Italian analyzed his emotions and his match, sharing with Jim Courier the difficulties faced and the great satisfaction of having reached this milestone.

"It was a really tough match. I started very well in the first two sets. I had the feeling that I wasn't well and I tried to push without thinking. I wasted a match point in the third set by missing a forehand, but it's part of the game. I wanted to be ready for the next set which started off great. I couldn't wait to play this match. It's nice and important to face a player like Nole, who can always teach you a lot," he explained.

Jannik Sinner: "I'll give my all in the final"

The Italian then commented on his game, which in some ways is very similar to that of the Serbian.

"I had lost to him in the semi-finals at Wimbledon and you can learn a lot from starting like that - it's all part of the process. We have a similar game. I always tried to start the rally by guessing his serve. It's a pleasure to play this tournament they call Happy Slam for a reason.

I trained with Nole in Monte Carlo when I was 16-17 years old and it's true: he gave me a lot of advice. He told me to be as unpredictable as possible. I have the feeling that I can still improve a lot and I have a great team. First Slam final? I do not know what to say. Last year's confidence helped me. On Sunday I will do my best in my first Slam final," said Sinner.

"This was the best result of my career. When you play against Nole you are aware that it will be a difficult challenge, and in the Grand Slam it is different. It was really tough, especially after losing the third set with a failed match point. I tried to be as positive as possible anyway and decided to just go my own way. I'm really happy.

The victories at the Finals and in Davis? Yes, they helped me and gave me better sensations. It's important to know that you can beat a tennis player and facing him three times in a few days was a privilege, a sort of training even if the match is always different. This helped me particularly but I repeat in the Grand Slam tournaments it is different. I had a plan and I decided to put it into practice, I think it worked well," he told at the press conference.

Many have wondered why Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are succeeding in what previous generations failed to do. Jannik explained: "Me, Carlos and Holger Rune are very different, both mentally and in our attitude on the pitch. However, each of us believes a lot in ourselves and this helps, because in tennis believing in yourself is fundamental. I'm lucky to live in this era and face all these great players."

Finally Sinner also talked about Rafael Nadal: "I hope he comes back, I'd like to face him, I didn't have the chance to challenge Roger Federer but that's okay."

Sinner brilliantly overcame the most difficult challenge that tennis can offer today. He beat Djokovic by dominating and even against the odds. He did it again. After beating him in the round robin at the ATP Finals in Turin and in the Davis Cup semi-final in Malaga. But this time in a Grand Slam tournament.

And on the long distance of 5 sets. In the home garden of the Serbian who lost a semi-final at the Australian Open for the first time in his career. After winning 10 in a row.

A challenge that could have ended even earlier. Sinner in fact had a match point in the third set tie-break but Djokovic got a proud reaction. The Serbian won the third set. It could have been a clutch moment for the Serbian, but it was the opposite. Many believed in his reaction, a comeback that could have been possible at that point.

But it went differently. At 1-2 and 40-0 for Djokovic, Sinner didn't give up and got a break that effectively closed the match. A challenge always played at a very high level. Djokovic probably wasn't the best physically, but Jannik played an almost perfect match, becoming one of the few tennis players to have beaten Djokovic at least three times in three months.

Jannik Sinner