Sinner's humility after beating Djokovic: his words an example for young players

The Italian champion explained in the press conference why he celebrated shortly after the victory, with words that exude wisdom and humility, despite his young age

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sinner's humility after beating Djokovic: his words an example for young players
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Jannik Sinner is still very young, but he is giving without great wisdom and humility. A virtue that must be an example for very young athletes who are approaching tennis. Jannik beat Novak Djokovic in the first semifinal of the Australian Open 2024, following a sensational performance.

Djokovic really couldn't do anything against the Italian talent and surrendered for the first time in his career in the Australian Slam semi-final. As mentioned, Jannik spoke with great wisdom in the press conference, explaining with great humility and respect why, at the end of the match, he celebrated little.

"I'm happy to be here, happy to play my first final in Melbourne but in my mind I know that I can and still have to improve. But it's nice to have all this around. Few celebrations after the victory? These are emotions that cannot be controlled, for me it means a lot to beat Novak Djokovic in Melbourne but I know that the tournament is not over yet.

Everyone has their own way of celebrating. The final is on Sunday and the final is always a different thing, you don't win the tournament with the semi-final. I can't wait for Sunday to arrive and play the match," he explained.

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Jannik Sinner: "Some emotions cannot be controlled"

A key moment of the match was the failed match point in the third set. Many thought that Djokovic could have taken advantage of the moment, to try for a historic comeback after the first two sets lost, but history went differently.

"It's true, it wasn't easy. I felt close in mind but the road was still long. In the end I stopped to reflect and thought that the score was still 2-1 for me, so it remained positive. I started again and I stayed focused on the goal, it was my game plan and that's it.

In the first two sets I saw that Djokovic hit the ball badly and didn't move well, but he is the ATP No.1 and you have to be ready for his every move. In the third set the level was equal, Nole has the best return in the history of the sport and he didn't have any break points, this was unusual," said Sinner.

About his coach Cahill, Jannik underlined the importance of having him in the team: "Darren is always very calm and even this morning we were talking but not about tennis. We talked about strategy only 20 minutes before the match and I think it helped not only me but everything the team to believe in ourselves.

Me, him and Simone create a fantastic combination and at the moment we do everything at the right time."