Darren Cahill: "Coaching Jannik Sinner is a lousy job, he doesn't pay us enough!"

The coach of the young Italian enjoyed had funny joking with the media, during the press conference

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Darren Cahill: "Coaching Jannik Sinner is a lousy job, he doesn't pay us enough!"
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Darren Cahill's work was crucial to the rise of Jannik Sinner. Simona Halep's former coach brought the knowledge that was missing in the young Italian's team. A team mixed to perfection, which is leading the Australian Open finalist to important and ambitious goals.

The Australian coach appeared at the press conference and commented on Sinner's victory in the Melbourne semi-final against Novak Djokovic. The hard work of these two years is bearing fruit and Cahill, together with coach Simone Vagnozzi, underlined with their usual humility what they are building together.

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"99% of the credit goes to Simone Vagnozzi. He's doing a great job with Jannik. The noise of the ball when he hits it is pretty amazing. I think on ESPN, like three years ago, I could have said on the sideline that this guy could have be a future ATP No.1. He was so good and he was so young. And with him Riccardo Piatti did an incredible job," said Cahill.

Cahill jokes wit Sinner: "We don't get paid enough!"

During the interview, the media asked Cahill and Vagnozzi what it is like to coach Sinner. Cahill entertained the entire press conference room with his funny answer: "It's a lousy job, we don't get paid enough! That guy always gives us a hard time, he always takes our money in card games and he has fun very like that!

After joking, Cahill highlighted the many improvements Jannik has shown in the last six months.

"He worked a lot on the physical part. I believe that Umberto Ferrara's work in the last two years has been crucial. His way of moving and the ability to maintain the highest level for longer in the match, especially in the 5 sets, demonstrate this Jannik has work ethic, desire to learn, desire, goal and a fantastic tennis IQ.

He is all of this and also has a great sense of humor. He always proves it on the pitch in post-match interviews. He's a lovely guy who loves socializing and loves spending time with his team," explained Cahill.

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