Jannik Sinner's coach: "His tennis was monotonous at the beginning"

Simone Vagnozzi highlighted the enormous progress of the young Italian, who will be a finalist tomorrow in Melbourne

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner's coach: "His tennis was monotonous at the beginning"
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In two months Jannik Sinner managed to beat Novak Djokovic three times. A milestone that few tennis players have managed to achieve. ù Only the greatest did it. Only Sinner stopped Djokovic's winning streak in the semifinals at the Australia Open.

In just over two months, Jannik confirmed the growth already seen in 2023, also following the break after the Davis Cup and the long winter preparation.

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Together with the other coach Darren Cahill, Simone Vagnozzi talked about the semi-final win against Djokovic at the Australian Open and the growth of the young Italian.

"I think he started the match really well in the two sets. Novak was making a lot of unforced errors, so he was quite strange. It's normal then that you expect Nole to level up. Jannik was really good at always staying very close to Djokovic when he started to play better," he analyzed.

"When we started working, his game was more monotonous"

Vagnozzi also praised the contribution brought to the Sinner team by the experience of Darren Cahill. "It is a pleasure to have a highly experienced coach like Darren in our group.

He always says the right word before a match and knows how to give a perfect analysis of the match at the end. In the final stages of a major tournament it is essential to have support like that."

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The Italian coach expresse then on Jannik's tennis, explaining when they started working Sinner's game was monotonus.

"When we started working, his game was more monotonous. He just pushed very hard, but without a real tactic. Now he uses all his speed but alternates it with dropshots and slices. Furthermore, he has improved his serve a lot and against Novak he demonstrated this once again.

Not giving even a break point to Djokovic, I think it happened once in ten years," explained Vagnozzi, analyzing the improvements of the Italian currently ATP No.4.

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