Novak Djokovic shares a very worrisome update for all his fans

The Serbian champion could take a break, after the painful elimination at the Australian Open semifinal

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic shares a very worrisome update for all his fans
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Novak Djokovic could take a break to recover psycho-physical energy for the rest of the season, after the painful elimination in the 2024 Australian Open semi-finals. A very worrisome update for all his fans.

The end of the Serbian's dominance in Melbourne at the hands of Jannik Sinner was a hard blow for the ATP No.1 to accept. After 33 consecutive successes, the Serbian tennis player had to bow to a superb performance by the Italian tennis player, who interrupted the title race of the 24-time slam champion in the semi-final.

The Serbian champion seemed less lucid than usual, suffering the aggression of his opponent throughout the match and unable to find alternative solutions to worry him. With the Grand Slam goal out of sight, the world number 1 is therefore thinking of taking a break from tennis.

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In an interview given to Tennis Majors, Djokovic hinted that he could modify his schedule, changing his choices at the start of the season.

"I did everything I usually do to be at my best on the court. Several factors contributed to the way I played. I was far from my usual level throughout the tournament, Sinner played very well and imposed himself, the conditions were a little different since he usually plays in the evening in the final stages of the tournament. It's sport, it happens, I'm sorry I played such a bad match. At the end of the day I was beaten, I have no excuses, I shake Jannik's hand and tell him well done," he explained.

"Let's see how the situation will evolve in the future"

Regarding his upcoming commitments, Djokovic made it clear that he could change his schedule in the coming months.

"Let's see how the situation will evolve in the future. When you leave the field after a defeat, your head is still hot: you are struggling to be rational, but there are a lot of irrational thoughts going through your head. I want my thoughts to calm down: when I have calmed down, I will move forward and see which tournaments to play," explained the world number one.

Djokovic then added: "I have made a commitment to myself to give my best this year, with priority given to the Slams and the Olympics. We'll see if anything changes, at this stage of my life and career some surprising decisions are perhaps more expected than twenty years ago."

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