Boris Becker reveals the serious problem affecting Holger Rune's tennis

The coach of the young Dane tried to explain the negative performances of the former ATP No.4

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Boris Becker reveals the serious problem affecting Holger Rune's tennis
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Interviewed about the negative moment of the young Danish tennis player Holger Rune, his current coach and legendary former player Boris Becker, tried to identify what is not working in his young player's tennis.

"He lost the first set in the tie-break, then lost his first service game in the second set. He has to improve mentally. He has a lot of inspiration on the court, but at the same time that's the problem. It's about knowing when to do what. When to take risks and when to play defensively. It's always a fine line," he declared, thus referring to a purely mental aspect, which the top-10 will necessarily have to improve.

Becker surprisingly chose to take advantage of his player's elimination to be a commentator at the Australian Open.

Becker: "Rune has to improve mentally"

At the press conference, Rune tried to explain his premature elimination from the 2024 Australian Open.

"From the preseason until now I have dedicated myself to always being at my best. Obviously I am disappointed to have lost, but now I have to move forward and improve. It's a shame but we have to look at what went well and what didn't go so well. I have to come back stronger and think about the things I need to improve," he told the media.

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On the match he further added: "When you are where I am, everyone plays freely, the same thing happened to me in Brisbane against Shevchenko. But when you allow them to play well, they will definitely play 100% because they have nothing to lose. Anyone can play tennis at this level. Arthur had nothing to lose, he tried and I let him do too much. But I'm getting more and more used to it. I didn't put enough pressure on him. He played good tennis and credit goes to him.”

The completely unexpected exit against Arthur Cazaux has cast some shadows on his performance, which is still too inconsistent to be able to aspire to the most important places in the ranking.

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