Jannik Sinner: "Pressure is part of the game, but I'm happy to be in this position"

The young Italian explained with his maturity what it means for him to manage an event like the Australian Open final

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner: "Pressure is part of the game, but I'm happy to be in this position"
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Jannik Sinner won his first Slam at the Australian Open 2024, completing an impossible comeback against Daniil Medvedev, giving himself a well-deserved title, which crowns eight months of technical, physical and mental progress.

"Managing pressure is part of the game. I am extremely happy to be in this position now. I have a great team behind me who knows what I have to do. Darren Cahill has a lot of experience and has already been through this many times. With Simone Vagnozzi we have already talked about the things to improve," explained the young Italian.

"It's all part of the process. Obviously winning this trophy is fantastic. I'm grateful to have won my first Slam here. I know that now I will have to work even harder, because the opponents will find ways to beat me and I have to be prepared. Let's see what will happen in the future," added Sinner.

"It's a special success because we're talking about a great tournament. It's special to see the big names on the draw and know that you can still win. It's a privilege simply to be on the draw and try to beat the other tennis players. When you always see fewer people in the locker room, you understand that you are having a good tournament. This was exactly the feeling I felt in the last three games. It's a really nice feeling," told Jannik.

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Sinner should return to the field at the Marseille tournament, but he could decide to take a short break before re-embracing the ATP Tour in Rotterdam or directly on the North American hard-courts ATP Masters 1000 at Indian Wells and Miami.

At the end of the match, Jannik had beautiful words for his parents, who have always left him free to choose. His words that touched the hearts of the Melbourne crowd. At the press conference, Sinner touched on the topic again, explaining his feelings in more depth.

"I'm relaxed at 22"

"Unfortunately I don't see my parents that often, but every time it's always a nice moment. I left home when I was 14, I grew up quite quickly, I cooked for myself and did my own laundry. It was difficult at first, but this was the fastest way to grow. It was hard for me, but I think for them too.

Leaving your son at 14 is not easy, they have always given to me without putting pressure on me and this is the key to why I am here today. I'm relaxed at 22, I like playing tennis but also doing other things. They are the perfect parents, obviously I only have them as parents! And also my brother who is always close to me during this career."

Jannik then spoke about the milestone achieved in Melbourne, which also meant many goals and records.

"I know this is an important milestone, I have received incredible support for years and I am happy to have given him this joy. Having them as an audience is fantastic, an indescribable feeling. Today when I was down two sets to zero I thought I had to fight for all those people watching me and in the end I did it. I had pressure but it was something positive. You have to take it in a good way, when you have pressure it means that people believe that you can do it," explained the young Italian, as it seems with great maturity and humility.

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