Medvedev: "I will be 'dead' for a week, after the match with Sinner"

The Russian tennis player jokes with the media, in a press conference after the Australian Open final, explaining how he feels physically after a series of physically tough matches in Melbounre

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Medvedev: "I will be 'dead' for a week, after the match with Sinner"
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The 2024 Australian Open final turned out to be a trap for Daniil Medvedev's body, who was already coming off two very physically tough matches, played in the two rounds preceding the match against Jannik Sinner.

The Russian had a journey that saw him win in five sets in the quarterfinals and in the semifinals but lose in the final, for the fourth consecutive time in a few months, against the current ATP No.4

Medvedev appeared tired at the end of the match against the Italian and spoke about it in the conference, even if he wanted to give due credit to his opponent.

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"Tomorrow I won't do anything, I'll just think about catching a flight. And my body honestly doesn't like taking flights. I think after this final and after the flight I will be dead for a week! Five sets are always hard on the body and I played three five-set matches in a few days.

When I was training yesterday I thought, damn how am I going to play this final and how am I going to be able to move? I worked hard with my physical therapist and he did an amazing job. Unfortunately after two sets my energy dropped, I didn't sleep well and I played too much.

Let's say it's my fault because I should have won the previous matches more easily, but sometimes it's hard. I have no injuries, but I have some blisters. It's a rare thing for me, I hope they will go away soon. In the meantime, I'm ready for the rest of the season."

Medvedev: "It was all so brutal"

Regarding this being the toughest tournament of his career, Medvedev replied: "Absolutely. Even after the semi-final I went to sleep at 5 and had little time to sleep, I remember that another difficult tournament was the ATP Finals that I won in London and I was very tired there too. It was all so brutal. When you play five sets and go to sleep very late the next day you feel terrible and then you try to recover. At least all this time on the pitch was for something, I set a record and I'm in the history books."

When asked to express his thoughts on Sinner at the press conference, the Russian explained: "We have a ranking for this in tennis. In this tournament he was the best, and that's why he won his first Slam. But we don't know what will happen in the future. Right now he is number 1 in the Race. If he continues to play like this and win tournaments, he will become number 1 in the world.

We don't know what will happen, many things can happen in a tennis player's career. That's why I think it's a beautiful sport: you can't predict the future. Let's see how Jannik will handle what happens in the future. I'm also in a good position and I will do everything I can to improve."

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