Darren Cahill reveals Jannik Sinner's next goal

The Australian coach analyzed the match against Medvedev and shared what Jannik will have to do now

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Darren Cahill reveals Jannik Sinner's next goal
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Darren Cahill brought the knowledge necessary to improve some fundamental aspects of Jannik Sinner's tennis. The Australian coach who also followed Simonba Halep has built a truly extraordinary team with Simone Vagnozzi, crowned with Sinner's victory at the Australian Open 2024.

After the triumph in Melbourne, the Australian coach analyzed the match and the young Italian's opponent, also turning his gaze towards Sinner's near future.

"I think Carlos Alcaraz is very similar to Jannik. They have personality and friendliness, both boys are similar off the pitch. They have a friendly rivalry. Today Jannik won, the match Carlos played to beat Novak at Wimbledon was special. Our goal now must be to confirm ourselves with Jannik at these levels and keep him winning," explained Cahill.

"Sinner is incredibly respectful on the court"

Speaking about what Sinner is like off the court, Cahill shared the young champion's enormous humility and respect.

"Jannik is incredibly respectful on the court, of umpires, ball boys or opponents. Everyone around him. He was raised really well. He's down to earth. His parents are exactly like him. His father is a chef. I want him to come to tournaments as much as possible because we eat really well when he is with us!"

Cahill, Sinner and Vagnozzi
Cahill, Sinner and Vagnozzi© Daniel Pockett / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Talking about the match, Cahill analyzed Medvedev's start and Jannik's mentality in the most difficult moment of the challenge.

"Daniil Medvedev at the start I thought he played an extraordinary match. We knew that he would be more aggressive also due to the considerable expenditure of energy throughout the tournament but we didn't think he could do it at that level for two sets.

In the third Jannik did a really good job: it was essential to hold the serve given how the Russian served. If he had gone on the run again it would have been difficult to catch him. But Jannik was great, he defended serve well and gave himself a chance."

Cahill then praised Vagnozzi, the young Italian's other coach.

"Simone has done an incredible job with Jannik over the last two years. I'm working with the best coach he's ever had. I just continue to reinforce the things that we talk about all the time. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't but today Sinner kept his attention and concentration at maximum. Jannik is absorbing everything and he won't settle because he wants to improve."


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