A Slam ace on Sinner's 'special power': "He has something that not everyone has"

Francesca Schiavone, former champion at the Roland Garros, praised her young countryman for his calmness, his humility and his work culture

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A Slam ace on Sinner's 'special power': "He has something that not everyone has"
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Jannik Sinner, after the first Major success of his career, will be expected to defend the points obtained in the final of the ATP 500 in Rotterdam lost against Daniil Medvedev, the semi-final reached in the ATP Masters 1000 of Indian Wells, in which he was defeated by the eventual champion Carlos Alcaraz and the final reached the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami, in which Daniil Medvedev prevailed.

The former Italian tennis player Francesca Schiavone was impressed by Jannik Sinner's performances at the Australian Open 2024. But that's not all that enchanted the former winner of the Roland Garros 2010.

Jannik Sinner carrying his Gucci bag at Wimbledon.
Jannik Sinner carrying his Gucci bag at Wimbledon.© Clive Brunskill / Getty Images Sport

Schiavone revealed the merits of the young Italian champion, which allowed him to triumph in Melbourne. Skills that go beyond talent.

"Congratulations to Jannik and his team, they were extraordinary. It's the first time I've experienced such an important match as a fan and in this moment I understood the thanks that were given to me when I played.

During the match and when he raised the trophy I I understood how beautiful it is for a fan to see a boy who works hard every day and who has quality, compete with tennis monsters like Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and other tennis players and win an extraordinary match like this. It's something special that not everyone has," said Schiavone.

"Sinner who has made important decisions"

Francesca then praised the qualities that outline Sinner's personality.

"Jannik is a boy who has made important decisions, he is a boy responsible for what he wants and does, he is working a lot on his awareness and the internal balance that only champions have.

Jannik Sinner and AO trophy
Jannik Sinner and AO trophy© Kelly Defina / Getty Images AsiaPac

I have seen physical and technical growth, he is obsessed with perfection and continues to dedicate a lot of time every day to something that he doesn't know how to do and that he wants to add. There is an important order in the team about what Sinner wants to bring home, it is evident and he knew what he was facing in Australia.

If he hadn't arrived in Melbourne, he would have arrived in Paris or London, it was inevitable. The secret is internal balance, finding a state of mind that allows you to face and overcome difficulties and limits," she explained.

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