The pride of Jannik Sinner's father: "It was a great joy"

Hanspeter Sinner shared the joy he felt at the victory of his son Jannik's first Major

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The pride of Jannik Sinner's father: "It was a great joy"
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The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed Hanspeter, father of Jannik Sinner, winner of the 2024 edition of the Australian Open. Hanspeter spoke with the usual reserved politeness that distinguishes his son, describing the emotions experienced in these two intense Australian weeks.

"Great joy, really nice. We spoke after the final, even if for a short time. I can say that watching him play on TV makes you suffer more, it was easier to follow him at Indian Wells or the Finals in Turin. As a child he was so, already as good at all sports as he is at his job," he told.

Jannik's dad also expressed his thoughts on the words expressed by his son during the award ceremony. "His words didn't surprise me. That's how he is, he quickly learned the culture of work, commitment and humility."

Jannik Sinner, Australian Open 2024
Jannik Sinner, Australian Open 2024© Julian Finney / Staff - Getty Images Sport

Dad Hanspeter and mum Siglinde conveyed an important message to Sinner from day one. Hard work always pays off. Jannik grew up with humility and constant commitment. Values that allowed him to think about his path without paying attention to criticism and overcoming negative moments with determination.

Jannik's words

In a press conference today in the new headquarters of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation in Rome, Jannik spoke again about the victory in Melbourne but also about the plans regarding his imminent come back to train.

"The way a tennis player reacts to a success like this is important, as well as to defeats. I'm a simple boy, I'm 22 years old and I like playing on the computer like the others. I think they really appreciate that about me. The Paris Olympics is a key event of the year. To bring a medal but also to experience the atmosphere, meet athletes from all over the world. And I obviously hope we bring home a lot of medals."

Jannik then explained why he didn't immediately return to his house in Sesto, once again showing his maturity and virtuous behivior.

"I didn't go immediately because it would have taken away attention in a very difficult moment. A few days ago there was an accident and two children died along with their mother. I preferred to do everything here," he told.

Jannik Sinner